Allina nurses reach tentative deal

Publish date: Tuesday, October 11, 2016

After 37 days on the picket line, 4,800 Allina Health hospital nurses have reached a tentative deal. The nurses will vote on the agreement this Thursday.

Since Labour Day, the nurses from the five major hospitals in the Minneapolis/St.Paul area have been on strike, calling for safer patient care and improved working conditions as well as trying to maintain their health insurance coverage.

After 17 hours of negotations, the two sides were successful in reaching a tentative agreement.

The employer has agreeded to 24-hour security staffing in its emergency departments which was a  key issue for nurses who have been dealing with increased workplace violence. They also agreed to a joint committee that would address staffing issues such as charge nurses taking patients and having too little time to properly supervise and assist front-line nurses.

Unfortunately, the union lost the fight to maintain the current health care benefits, but was successful in achieving additional contributions to the nurses’ health savings or reimbursement accounts in four of the next five years, as well as maintaining the current value and benefit level of its most popular health plan through 2021.

The Allina hospital nurses expressed thanks for the overwhelming support from their nursing colleagues north of the border. In the early days of the strike, the Manitoba Nurses Union contributed $2,000 to their strike fund. This amount soon grew to $25,000 with generous donations from nursing and other unions across Canada.



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