Prairie Labour School wraps up

Publish date: Thursday, June 09, 2016



The fourth biennial CFNU Prairie Labour School has wrapped up in Regina, Saskatchewan.

The event which brings together nurses from Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta to learn about issues that affect their working environment, also provides a great opportunity for networking.

This year, there were 55 Manitoba delegates who attended workshops on domestic violence, managing aggression and anxiety, and understaning diversity in sexual orientation and sexual expression, as it pertains to the recipients of health care.

MNU member Dee Douglas was also the recipient of the Glenna S. Rowsell Book Prize which is awarded to a leader in the nursing profession.

MNU was well represented at this year's Prairie Labour School with a total of 55 attendees.

Glenna S. Rowsell Book Prize winner Dee Douglas (middle) with CFNU president Linda Silas (left) and MNU president Sandi Mowat (right)



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