MNU launches #TBT - Throw Back Thursday

Publish date: Thursday, February 26, 2015

To honour the MNU’s 40th anniversary, in February we launched #TBT - Throw Back Thursday. Each Thursday  we  share a photo on our social media channels that captures an important moment in our history.

We would like to invite all of our members to participate in our #TBT social media celebration. Share a memory, tag a friend, or send us your own photos to post the following week!

Here is a look at the photos we shared this month!

1. Thursday Feb 5th -  #TBT It's raining, it's pouring.

In the late 90s, MNU past president Maureen Hancharyk lead hundreds of nurses in a march down Broadway chanting, "it's raining Mr. Filmon."

Our members wanted to demonstrate to Manitobans that Premier Filmon's decision to continue to put money into a Pre-Election slush fund or "Rainy Day," fund while patients languished in the hallways and our nurses left struggling to give care, was a bad decision.


2. Thursday Febraury 12 -  #TBT MONA March

"Taking Power/ Making Change," MONA March and Rally on April 17, 1989


3. Thursday February 19 - #TBT May Day - NFNU Founding

May Day 1981 was a truly historic day as the National Federation of Nurses Unions was created as an organization to represent unionized nurses at the national level. This photo of the founding group was taken on the steps outside of the iconic Fort Garry Hotel in Winnipeg.

In 1999 the National Federation of Nurses Union's name was changed to the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions.


4. Thursday February 26 - #TBT 1991 Tache Nursing Centre Strike

Sent to us from to Valerie Alderson, Treasurer for Worksite 97 for sending in today's #TBT photo of the 1991 strike. This was a candid shot of a group of nurses from Tache Nursing Centre taking a break a short break.

Left to right: Marilyn Kalmakoff, Frances McDonald, Estelle Brais, Jean Marshall. Standing - Pat Scott.


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