A message from President Sandi Mowat on Ebola preparedness

Publish date: Friday, October 17, 2014

Health and safety

MNU members

MNU President

Sandi Mowat

As you are no doubt aware, the subject of Ebola preparedness has been the focus of media attention lately. I have done a number of interviews in which I have expressed concern regarding the apparent lack of preparedness, and especially, the lack of communication to our members regarding any plans.

Yesterday, I met with WRHA representatives who have assured me that the equipment is in place and training has taken place for approximately 400 nurses. Specialized equipment is needed for health care providers dealing with patients who have or are suspected of having the virus. Proper donning and doffing procedures are critical.

I made the point to WRHA representatives that all nurses should be made aware of our readiness. We have agreed to work jointly to ensure that members receive updates.

I also expressed concern that rural facilities do not appear to have been given the proper equipment or training to deal with Ebola. Although, Health Sciences Centre has been designated as the treatment centre in the event that a case presents all facilities should be given adequate resources.

I also spoke with Health Minister Erin Selby and was assured that our concerns would be addressed and we would be receiving regular updates.

I will be meeting regularly with the WRHA on this issue.


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