MNU Responds to Manitoba Government Ads & Health Minister

Publish date: Friday, March 29, 2019

Health care

MNU members

“On behalf of 12,000 nurses across Manitoba, I want to reiterate our profound disappointment with the recent Manitoba Government advertisements that are clearly demeaning both to women and to all nurses.

Nurses are highly educated and trained professionals who provide expert care to patients with grace and compassion. Instead of promoting the incredible work nurses do, these ads offer only an insulting depiction of their work. We believe the Minister should go further than a Twitter apology, and communicate directly to nurses with a promise to listen to their concerns moving forward.

For more than two years, this government has imposed cuts and closures on health care that have had a direct impact on nurses, and their ability to provide the care our patients deserve. Thousands of nurses have been deleted and moved around the system like chess pieces. Excessive mandated and voluntary overtime have been used as a staffing tool to hold the system together and paper over glaring mistakes with their plan. And by freezing their wages and refusing to negotiate for over two years, the government has only added insult to injury, lowered morale, and made it harder to recruit more nurses.

This ad encapsulates what nurses have been feeling for years now—that the government is completely out of touch with nurses’ needs and the consequences of their actions on the health care system. Nurses need to hear, directly from the Health Minister, that this government understands and values the integral role they play in our health care system. And beyond that, they need to see real efforts from government to act upon their concerns, and understand what’s truly happening on the frontlines.”


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