Media Statement: MNU responds to Minister Friesen's plan to investigate outbreaks at care homes

Publish date: Sunday, November 08, 2020


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November 8, 2020
For Immediate Release


MNU President Darlene Jackson responds to plan to investigate outbreaks at care homes


“We are well past the point of needing an investigation. Minister Friesen claims he can only act if he has information, but let’s be clear: there is no shortage of evidence to confirm that there are severe staff shortages across the health care system, and in our care homes in particular, where shortages are exacerbated by outbreaks. The outbreaks have not been controlled because the resources are not there to prevent or contain them. Even if Maples was staffed to baseline, it's clear that it this is insufficient for providing the level of care that residents deserve in a time of great need.

Nurses and other care providers have been calling for additional support for years, long before the pandemic. During the pandemic, we have urged immediate action, but the Minister has simply refused to listen to the truth.

Manitobans deserve more than promises of investigations. It’s time to acknowledge the reality that we must draw upon every available resource to bolster staffing as quickly as possible, and that we must support that effort with substantive investments in recruitment and retention of frontline staff. Without that acknowledgment and action, the Pallister government will continue to fail in its duty to our seniors and all Manitobans.”



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