MNU Staff

MNU Staff

MNU staff are here to answer your questions and provide advice on issues such as grievances, contracts, legal questions, and workplace health & safety.

Labour Relations staff, many whom have nursing backgrounds, regularly travel to communities throughout the province to stay in contact with Local/Worksites and build relationships with members.


Mike Sutherland Director of Labour Relations
Wes Payne Director of Communications & Government Relations
Kristy Jamieson Manager of Administrative Services

Education & Professional Practice

Debbie Winterton Education and Professional Practice Officer


Manola Barlow Diversity Coordinator


Matt Austman Communications Officer
Michelle Lancaster Communications Officer
Katrina Profeta Communications/Education Assistant

Labour Relations Officers

Leona Barrett Labour Relations Officer - Collective Bargaining
Shauna Briscoe Labour Relations Officer
Karen Fleming Labour Relations Officer
Marise Frankel Labour Relations Officer
Debbie Jenkins Labour Relations Officer (LOA)
Tom Henderson Labour Relations Officer - Relief
Julie Lackner Labour Relations Officer
Mary Lakatos Labour Relations Officer
Michelle Peterson Labour Relations Officer
Paulina Ruiz Labour Relations Officer
Deb Stewart Labour Relations Officer 
Susan Tremblay Labour Relations Officer - WCB
Mary Lou Cherwaty Labour Relations Officer

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