Workshops & Courses

We have some great opportunities to deepen your knowledge of workplace issues — and discover new ways to handle the many challenges of our professional and personal lives:

Courses & Schools

MNU Provincial Education Day

Every year's AGM is followed by a day-long education program geared to helping renew your professional and personal life. The day's sessions focus on the positive, with motivational guest speakers offering practical insight into taking care of yourself within a challenging and changing profession.

MNU Education Conference

This three-day annual conference brings members together from across the province to study a wide range of union and labour topics. Novice members and seasoned activists alike discuss issues including respect in the workplace and the grievance arbitration process. And it all happens in a relaxed social setting that encourages conversation and relationship-building, 

AIL funds a scholarship to send one grassroots member to the conference while the MNU also funds a spot, for a first-time participant.

Labour College of Canada

For union activists who want to take their leadership capabilities to the next level, the Canadian Labour Congress offers an intensive four-week program of post-secondary learning . This program qualifies for Keith Lambert Scholarship funding. Click here to find out more.


These shorter sessions are specially geared to our members, offering practical advice you can put to work right away. Ask about upcoming workshops near you. Topics include:

Local Leader Workshops

This workshop is designed to equip new local/worksite presidents, vice-presidents, secretary and treasurers with the necessary tools to fulfill their role and responsibilities. It covers subjects such as:

  • conducting meetings
  • communicating with members
  • representing member(s) in meetings with employers.

Please note that Local Leader Workshop educational sessions are completed for 2018.

Retirement in a Nutshell

This popular 2.5-hour workshop covers the key issues of retirement and the benefits available to members who are retiring, including subjects such as:

  • Preparation for pension and retirement
  • Pension provisions under HEPP
  • Financial planning basics
  • CPP, OAS and more

Benefit Basics

This is a 1.75-hour workshop about various aspects of your benefit plan, including tips on how to use it effectively and how to get their questions answered. It covers subjects such as:

  • The pension plan
  • Disability and rehab
  • Dental, group health, group life, EAP and LEAP
  • CPP and OAS

Financial Care Plan Strategies

This workshop helps new nurses by focusing on key issues of financial care. It covers subjects including:

  • Financial fitness
  • Saving vs. spending
  • Simple tax strategies
  • Building wealth
  • Insurance
  • Getting help
  • Financial care plans for nurses

Education Programs & Resources

Want to upgrade your skills, or maybe even change classifications? Manitoba's post-secondary Institutions offer several different options:

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