Yellow Ribbon Award

Yellow Ribbon Award

Every year, MNU recognizes those members (either a group or an individual) who have throughout the year exemplified the spirit of the Yellow Ribbon.  The Yellow Ribbon has become a symbol throughout Manitoba of nurses’ willingness to stand together in support of each other and as advocates for patient care, and strong union activists.  The Yellow Ribbon award was first awarded during our Standing Up For the Front Lines of Health Care campaign to recognize exceptional grassroots leadership.

The awards will be presented at our Annual General Meeting held each year.

In selecting the recipients of the award, the Selections Committee will take into account the following:

  1. The nominee should be an active member of the MNU.
  2. The nominee must, through their actions, exemplify the spirit of the Yellow Ribbon.  That is, the willingness to stand up for nurses and patients.
  3. The nominee should have clearly demonstrated special initiative in standing up for nurses and patients.

The award will only be presented if there is a candidate(s) that clearly meet the specified criteria.  Nominations should be received no later than March 31st. Applications can be sent to

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